(TR 186) Urban Bass Mafia – Hermitage Ep

TendenziA Records & Keepers Of Melody Prd.

Urban Bass Mafia - Oculus (Original Mix) - IT-R20-16-00006
Urban Bass Mafia - Just Feel The Party (Original Mix) - IT-R20-16-00007
Urban Bass Mafia - Wake Up (Original Mix) - IT-R20-16-00008

Written & Produced by Cristian Collodoro, Cesare Minacapilli & Oscar Puglisi for Keepers Of Melody Prd.
Programming, Engeneering & Mixing @ UBM Studio - London (UK)

2016 (C) & (P) TendenziA Records a Division of V.O.T.U. Productions

Release Date: June 09 2016 (Beatport - Not Exclusive)

For further information & license: tendenzia_records@hotmail.com

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