FABRIC LIVE “Industry Of Sound”… a long journey that takes life back in 2000, debuts as a brand of events, and only in 2015 thanks to the support and evolution of the web, FABRIC LIVE transforms its identity into that of Radio!!!

A dream that day after day becomes reality… but above all a real point of reference for all the employees of the sector.

The first Web Radio service was born, with the aim of supporting and promoting DJs, Clubs, Labels, Producers, Events and Festivals.

Ambitious project that in just over a year, also becomes magazine “PRESSBEAT” and press office for various Radio Shows and Staff.

Since its debut FABRIC LIVE, through its Radio shows such as SUPER CLUB and HOUSE CLUB SET, it can boast to date, the participation of more than 500 artists, thanks also to the collaboration of prestigious record companies and agencies of booking/management.

With 2018, FABRIC LIVE poses a new and ambitious project!!!

That is to expand the multimedia services of the Radio, through the TV support and with the possibility of transmitting also through a frequency FM.

In the era of socials and sharing, FABRIC LIVE will not only share, but will simultaneously transmit its formats in Web, TV, and Radio… but above all will share the images of events, live from the most famous Clubs and Festivals.

Great opportunity therefore for all DJs who want to perform on the radio show of FABRIC LIVE, in particular, in the live version which will be transmitted (soon) also in Radiovision.

In 2018 they will be aired on FABRIC LIVE, 8 new radio formats, that accompany the morning of our listeners/viewers, starting from the good morning of the MORNING SOUND Radio Show, until the early hours of the afternoon.

We will not miss the branded FABRIC LIVE events with our presence in the most important Clubs, Fairs and Festivals like: SHADE MUSIC FESTIVAL (Bergamo), MUSIC INSIDE FESTIVAL (Rimini), THE DJOON EXPERIENCE (Favignana) and many more.

Many will be the news within the Industry Of Sound… to continue to tell and give every day new emotions, new events, new Radio Shows and as always… wherever you are FABRIC LIVE is always with you!!!

Always, anyway and everywhere… FABRIC LIVE is your Radio!!!